If you’re planning to put your home on the market this coming spring, be sure to pay attention to these four tips that will help you increase its value:

1. Maximize your curb appeal. To make sure your home will draw buyers’ eyes, be sure to touch up the landscaping and add a fresh coat of paint. This will increase your value and, of course, put more money in your pocket.

2. Focus on the kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of the home; it’s where everyone goes for meals, and it’s often a center for entertaining guests. To outshine your competition, add new hardware to your cabinetry, update your lighting fixtures, and maybe even install new faucets.

“Don’t expect buyers to just move in and automatically like the paint you have.”

3. Get rid of clutter. Is your home in clutter chaos? If so, put all your extra stuff into bins and baskets that have been labeled according to the three D’s: declutter, donate, or do keep. Toss the things you don’t need, donate what you don’t need but someone could make use of, and keep the things you do want, but put them away in an organized fashion. This will help open your home up in terms of space and appearance, and the organization will be sure to knock your buyers’ socks off when they come to your home.

4. Add a fresh coat of paint. Mustard, berry, and brown are colors that are completely out this season, and even gray is passé. To paint your home according to the latest, hottest trends in home design, schedule a consultation with us—we’ll come in and make suggestions for a different palette that will neutralize the home and make buyers feel at home and comfortable.

As a top Realtor here at Century 21 Northwest, I assure you that if you do these four things to prep your home for the market, yours will be the best in show, and you’ll certainly attract more buyers to visit, walk through, and appreciate your home for all it has to offer.

If you’re planning to sell your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’ll help you get the value for your home that you deserve.